Who Is The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Thousand Oaks, California?

There are a few important things that one should keep in mind when searching for the best personal injury attorney. Although we should probably take a step back and ask the question, how exactly does one go about finding an attorney. The usual suspects, which the vast majority of people do, is to search online, either by going to any one of the major search engines like google.com or bing.com. Other equally helpful resources one can turn to are any of the major lawyer directories like Avvo and Justia.

Then there is of course the good old fashion personal recommendation you can get from family and friends. While recommendations from family and friends can often be the best way to find an attorney to represent you and help file a personal injury claim on your behalf, finding an attorney via this method is perhaps the hardest way. This is because your personal network of family and friends is very likely to be very limited. So in this regard, a Google search is very likely to be a better bet in finding you a lawyer, if for no other reason other than the fact that it gives you a much wider range of options than your personal network of family and friends can ever give you.

However, it must also be stated that there is a downside to using a search engine to find such an attorney, the downside being how to know which attorney to choose from the thousands of options that will be presented to you.


Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Thousand Oaks, Ca.


So, how exactly do you go about finding the best injury attorney in Thousand Oaks, or in fact anywhere you live? The very simple answer is that you cannot. You simply cannot because there is no such thing as the “best” personal injury lawyer anywhere. There might be some top-rated lawyers, the most experienced or the cheapest lawyers. However, when it comes to subjective matters which are not based on facts, such as referring to someone as the “best,” then this is simply not possible as it is extremely difficult to objectively say that such and such person is the best.

To this end, what you should rather be seeking to do, is to find someone who is the “best fit” for you, or alternatively that is “right” for you.

Being the victim of any type of incident that results in physical, emotional or psychological damage or injury, can be a devastating and trying time for the person involved and their family. This perhaps becomes worse if it is discovered that the accident or incident was caused by someone’s negligence or worse, intention. In which case, the only recourse that might be available to the victim, after of course getting the necessary immediate medical help, is to seek recourse, by way of monetary compensation. Which is where a good personal injury attorney comes in, as they are likely to be the one to try and help you obtain such a compensation.

The following are three vital tips to help you find a personal injury attorney that is best for you.


  1. Personal Injury Laws vary greatly by location. Be sure to select an injury attorney who knows the local laws you will be dealing with. It would make no sense for an individual living in San Francisco to retain the services of a lawyer in New York, and vice versa. While personal injury law is by and large very similar across board, the specifics of the law can often vary from state to state.

    And while many law firms often often have  locations in multiple cities, you should ensure that you are aware of exactly which personnel staffs the office in your city and what their qualifications and experience is. And how knowledgeable and equipped they are to take on your case, especially if it goes to trial.

    It is is to this end that a local is always better.

  2. Be prepared: There is nothing better than speaking to someone and being fairly knowledgeable about what they are talking about. Before you speak to a lawyer, you should therefore do your own independent reading and research about what you are about to get yourself into. Reading up about personal injury law, the processes to file a claim, history of similar cases to yours, and much more are some of the things you can do.

    Additionally, being prepared means gathering gathering up as much documentation and information related to the situation at hand, whatever that may be. So, in the case of a car accident, you would need to gather up things related to the case such as police and medical reports, pictures, witness statements, any correspondence with insurance companies, and more.

  3. Listen to your Instinct: It is often said that you should always listen to their instinct in whatever you are doing. This is very true. This is no different when it comes to hiring a lawyer to help you defend your rights. Having gone through whatever situation you might have gone through that is necessitating you wanting to hire a personal injury lawyer to file an injury claim, chances are that you may not be in the best possible state, whether financial, emotional or psychological. This obviously means that you may not always be in the best state of mind to make rational decisions, or at least make decisions that are devoid of clouded judgments.

    It is in this instance that listening to your instinct comes into play. While yes, you should make rational decisions as best as you can under the circumstances, but when all is said and done, and your instinct is speaking to you regarding a lawyer you are considering hiring, listen to it.

There are obviously more things you should look out for when you are considering hiring the best personal injury lawyer for you, but the above mentioned list should get you stated on the right path.

How To Find A Trustworthy Lawyer For Your Small Business

Just like accountants, builders and plumbers, lawyers do not always inspire trust from many people. Fortunately, similar to those basic services, hiring an attorney is necessary for any start-up with the desire to thread successfully in the minefield of business. Whether to provide guidance through an acquisition, or as a preventive measure against future lawsuits, you’ll need a professional that has passed the bar.


Before looking at the criteria of how to choose a trustworthy lawyer, let us first look at why you need the services of this professional:


  • Helps in the setting up of a corporation or partnership
  • Helps to check for compliance with regulations
  • Helps to negotiate loans
  • Helps in obtaining patents or trademarks
  • Helps to prepare buy-sell agreements
  • Assists with tax planning
  • Assists in drawing up pension plans
  • Assists in reviewing business forms

The million-dollar question is, how do you find a trustworthy lawyer for your small business?

Here are some guidelines to help you make the right decision:


Which lawyer meets your needs?

The maiden question you must have an answer to is, what kind of lawyer suits your business? This is because the law is broad. Furthermore, it’s constantly evolving. Different attorneys specialize in different aspects because of the complexity of law. For instance, if your small business touches on insurance, you’ll certainly need a lawyer that specializes in insurance or finance law. Consequently, you must conduct an extensive research in order to settle for the ideal legal representative for your business.


Is your prospective lawyer someone you can have a good rapport with? Since you’ll be discussing matters that are close to your heart, it is highly important to ensure that you’re comfortable talking to the person you choose.

Reasonable fees

A contract attorney in New York charges anywhere between $50 to $1,000 or higher hourly. Obtain quotes from different firms prior to making your decision. Nonetheless, always beware of comparing different attorneys based on fees alone. Lowest hourly fees may not indicate best value in legal work since inexperience attorneys take twice as long compared to the experienced one in order to complete a project.


Inquire from your attorney on which cases or business your prospective attorney has handled in the past. Obtain a list of customers or even other attorneys who you can contact in order to discuss fees, service, and competence.


Will he or she be available for your business conferences right on your convenience and not theirs. How quickly can he or she return emergency phone calls? These are some of the questions, which you need to ask an attorney before hiring him or her.



As you embark on your business journey, it’s extremely difficult to navigate the jumble of legal issues that entrepreneurs face without an attorney. Hiring a small business attorney in NYC for instance helps you in very many ways. Actually, in more ways than just the ones highlighted above. While searching for the best attorney for your business, it’s important to consider the above factors.

Better Law Firm Rankings

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Are you on top of your insurance coverage?

Car insurance coverage, in its most basic types, is put in place to secure the purchaser from liability and loss throughout a car accident. This post looks to assist you to understand the nature of auto insurance. It will also assist you to understand which coverages are best for you and your family.

If you have a proper health insurance coverage that will cover any cost connected to an injury sustained in an automobile accident, you can save money by dropping the medical payment features of your car insurance. You need to check out thoroughly your health insurance coverage policy to make sure you are covered for everything.
You may consider switching your current insurance coverage to a lower coverage policy to save a few more dollars. Depending on your state’s insurance requirements and if you are renting or leasing a vehicle, you may be in a position to decrease your insurance protection to conserve a little additional money monthly.

The cost of car insurance coverage for any particular vehicle, will vary from business to business. One of the factors for this is since each company figures out premiums based in part, on their previous experiences with that particular car. Particular companies might have significantly detailed histories on handling a specific automobile. Even in cases where the experiences are comparable, there are bound to be little distinctions. There is a certain benefit to going shopping around when looking for automobile insurance because of this.

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The legal marijuana middle ground: Column

From USA Today:

As of last week, voters in California and seven other states have passed ballot initiatives to allow for-profit companies to produce, distribute and sell non-medical marijuana. With more than 65 million peopleliving in states that have passed marijuana legalization, and a Gallup poll showing that 60% of the country supports legalizing marijuana use, national legalization may seem inevitable.

As goes California, so goes the nation, right?

Not necessarily.

Consider what happened with medical marijuana. California was the first state to allow medical marijuana, starting nearly 20 years ago. Its approach was extremely loose — over time it became easy for essentially any adult to obtain a medical recommendation, and dispensaries abounded.

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries – What To Do

Motorcycle wrecks have a track history for being some of the deadliest. Motorcycles offer little protection to riders in the event of an accident.  For that factor the injuries are typically severe requiring long healing durations.

Usually, motorbike accidents are not the cyclist’s fault. As a result of to the size distinction between a bike and passenger vehicle, motorbikes are harder to see and are regularly lost in the passenger car’s “blind location.” Due to this reality biker’s are often sideswiped by vehicles that simply did not see them.

Some stunning statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcyclists are 32 times more likely to die in an accident than traveler vehicle passengers.  They are also 6 times more likely to suffer injuries. It is essential to keep in your mind that cyclist’s are entitled to payment for injuries due to someone else’s neglect along with traveler automobile drivers.

If you are associated with a bike accident it is essential to bear in mind the following things:

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California’s marijuana law: What you need to know

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — About 56% of California voters approved recreational use of marijuana in Tuesday’s election, meaning the state’s adults can now use the drug in their homes and grow their own plants.

The law takes effect immediately, but it’s not as simple as going to pick up some weed like you would a bottle of wine: Under the current rule, dispensaries won’t actually be able to sell to recreational users until 2018.

From USA Today

Defense lawyers say prosecutors have dragged their feet on redressing wrongs of faked lab evidence


In August 2012, Annie Dookhan, a veteran chemist with a Massachusetts state drug lab, admitted to contaminating samples and faking test results during her 8½-year career. More than 20,000 drug convictions, as a result, could have been flawed. Those cases involved defendants from eight different counties, and in many instances people had been sent to jail and some even deported.

The state’s prosecutors quickly assured then Gov. Deval Patrick that fixing any miscarriages of justice “must be the first priority.”

What has followed, however, has been more than four years of legal combat. Prosecutors have sought at almost every turn to preserve as many convictions as possible, while lawyers for the potentially innocent defendants have urged the state’s courts to vacate every conviction that relied on Dookhan’s tainted work.

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Legal Aid In Las Vegas

Known to be the Sin City, Las Vegas proves that while it is considered as such it can still stand up against crimes. Las Vegas police is one of the more effective and productive law enforcement forces in the US. Its legal branch which involves the judicial system is among the best in the country. Not to mention the most ideal legal aid in Las Vegas that is expanded to several discipline of law.

These services and the best lawyers in the city is one part that makes up its entire government structure with concentration on the welfare of the people. The span of the issues that the law sector of Las Vegas tackles mostly expands to auto accidents, insurance, divorce, corporate crimes and harassments, compensation, employment, taxation, bankruptcy, and other criminal cases.

Just as from other states and cities, lawyers in Vegas and the services they offer is often limited to only one specialization. From the given cases above, there are certain lawyers who actually focus their practice. But there are also lawyers who practice in other fields but only as a secondary counsel or an equivalent service.

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Foreclosure Basics

In the United States, foreclosures are hitting an all-time high. When it comes to foreclosures, lots of house owners and tenants do not know where to turn.

Many media attention surrounding foreclosures is centered on the homeowner. Yes, much of the individuals dealing with foreclosure are owners of single-family houses that they live in, however not always. A a great deal of rental property owners are discovering themselves in foreclosure. As an occupant, you might wonder regarding exactly what your rights are. An attorney should be called if you want professional help.

In keeping with tenants dealing with eviction attributed to foreclosure, appropriate notice should be offered. In many states, a composed, legal expulsion notice is required. If this happens, get in touch with an attorney straight away.

If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, it will be in your best interest to talk with an attorney right away. As quickly as your bank issues intent of foreclosure, it is best to explore your legal alternatives. Keep in mind, however, that you may require to exercise an arrangement with your financial lender.  They too will wish to prevent foreclosure.

Las Vegas Real Estate Law BasicsAmong the numerous reasons you are motivated to call a lawyer, namely one who specializes in foreclosure, is since they have legal techniques up their sleeve. A lawyer can help you stop foreclosure proceedings in their tracks. Among the means that this is done is by stating bankruptcy. Insolvency can momentarily put a hold on foreclosure proceedings. In some states, property owners can get protection when applying for personal bankruptcy, meaning that their house can not be touched. Given that there are several guidelines and limitations concerning this exemption, professional legal recommendations is recommended.






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